Long Arm Quilting Certification Complete!


I could not be more excited to receive this diploma! This is the culmination of 5 months of hard work with lots and lots of time spent quilting. The certification program was an online course through American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS) that required our completed quilts to be mailed to the teachers for evaluation and feedback. One assignment was to make 2 quilts using different pantograms:

Another requirement was to complete 2 more quilts using different all over free motion designs:

All four of these are toddler sized, and have cotton batting. After evaluation, they were given to a charity that gives blankets to needy children, Project Linus, by the program coordinators.

And finally we had to stitch a small whole cloth quilt using feathers:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also were require to complete a business plan, make a promotional brochure about our long arm quilting services, and conduct an email consultation with a pretend customer. This was a wonderful experience and I am proud to say I passed and am now a certified long arm quilter!


  1. 99, That is some strong work!

    I look at that certificate, and think of the many hours spent learning, and the privilege I had to share in a little of the learning, through the business plan, while your beloved mom was hanging out in the hospital!

    So to me that certificate makes me proud of your hard work in the quilting classroom, and her hard work on the road to an awesome recovery! Cheers to BOTH!

    Really excited and proud of your efforts! Xx, 29


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